About The Early Childhood Parenting Center

Our mission is to support and empower parents to foster healthy development for their young children and to provide a solid foundation for their social and emotional wellbeing.

For over forty years ECPC has helped thousands of families with young children and trained hundreds of professionals in the field of early childhood development. We provide 3 types of services to the Los Angeles Community:

  • At our center in Santa Monica we offer a variety of groups to families with children ages 0-5 years olds. We have: parent-infant, parent-toddler, parent-preschooler art, grandparent-toddler, single parent and parent-only groups. Additionally we provide individual support through one-on-one parent coaching and in depth counseling.
  • Throughout Los Angeles we provide parenting education, support and mental health intervention to high-risk families. We utilize the revenue from our parenting groups at our Santa Monica site, in conjunction with grants and individual contribution(s), so that we may provide this service to families in need at no charge.
  • Finally, we provide training and supervision to interns in the field of mental health and early childhood, as well as offer continuing education to licensed professionals.

Our program is staffed by professionals who are experts in parenting education and early childhood development. They bring critical hands-on expertise to our programs. Our groups give parents the opportunity to get all of their parenting questions answered, within the context of our own clinical research and developmental expertise.